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Season's Greeting from Shepherd Alaska

Sullivan’s False Narrative Regarding Alaska Public Land Management

Small Joys on a Winter's Day

Life Beyond Travel

The Key to Climate Resilience – Ignore the Obstructionists

The Sacred Nature of Trees

A Better Future Awaits Us

Transition to Green Energy Economy will Require Mining Reform

Local Elections – Make Your Voice Heard

NEWS WATCH - Climate Change Unleashes the Four Horsemen 

Touring Iceland During a Pandemic Window

Dunleavy Administration Ominously Quiet About Proposal to Change Alaska’s Water Reservation Regulations

Dunleavey Administration Carries on Trump era tradition of resource exploitation/False Narrative

This is My America - Part 2 of 2

This is My America - Part 1 of 2

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Politicians: “Stay Out of Alaska’s Business!…unless you’re a major corporation.”

Spring Solace

When I’m Ten in Dog Years  

Politicians/Fake News Fuels Confusion About Decision to Extend Veterans Selections on Alaska Public Lands

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A Growing Thirst for Arizona

The Sagebrush Rebellion Comes to Alaska

Biden Administration Announces Stop to Massive Alaska Lands Give Away

Bureau of Land Management Puts Breaks on Alaska Land Give Away

When Less is More

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Is Alaska Turning into a Corpocracy? Part 3: From Progressive to Political Nirvana to Oil and Gas Company

Snow Dance

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Navigating a Post-Truth World

2,000 Grizzlies in the Lower 48 - Is That Enough?

Is Alaska Turning into a Corpocracy? Part Two - The Mining Colony

The Green Fire – Wolves and the Essence of Wilderness - Part II

The Green Fire – Wolves and the Essence of Wilderness - Part I

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Is Alaska Turning into a Corpocracy? Part one: Privatization of Alaska Water Resources

6 Well-Being Boosters to Kick Winter Blues by an Alaskan Psychologist

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Literary Activism and the Quest for Compassionate Discourse

Arctic Freshwater Resources Under Threat from Climate Change and Politics

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How Biden can Reverse Trump’s Assault on Arctic Water and Subsistence Resources

Six Wishes for Biden’s First 100 Days

For the Love of Birds

Polar Bears – Icon of the Arctic

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